About Us

Mr. Rajen Shah - Group CMD

Established in the year 2000 as a Proprietery concern, SJ Logistics has expanded its roots throughout the globe. Under the guidance of Mr. Rajen Shah (Chairman & Managing Director, SJ Logistics (India) Limited), the company has grown from a small firm to a empire that it is today.

The mission of S J Logistics (India) Limited is to provide world-class freight forwarding services while continuing to exceed the needs and expectations of customers & employees through continuous evaluation and improvement in every aspect of our daily operations. The world of transport and logistics is complex and can be fraught with unseen obstacles. The real skill to delivering a reliable and consistent service lies in finding the best way through these complexities by successfully applying a combination of expertise, experience and creativity. That’s because our team is united by a passion to find better and smarter ways of doing things, delivering effective solutions that give you the peace of mind to concentrate on what you do best.

Ocean Freight

Full Container Load (FCL):

A standard (twenty or forty-foot) container that is loaded and unloaded under the risk and account of the shipper or consignee. In general, a full container load attracts lower freight rates than an equivalent weight of loose (break bulk) cargo. It is also called full trailer load (FTL).

Less Container Load (LCL):

Less than Container Load refers to the freight forwarders shipping product where cargo from multiple customers is consolidated into one standard marine container. For individual shippers, using a less than container load solution, therefore offer an opportunity to reduce the transportation costs, in comparison with booking a full container or using airfreight.

Intermodal Solutions:

Intermodal freight transport involves the transportation of freight in an intermodal container or vehicle, using multiple modes of transportation (rail, ship, and truck), without any handling of the freight itself when changing modes.

Marketing & Sales

Name Mr. Jeet Shah
Designation Director
Email ID jeet@sjlogistics.net
Name                   Mr. Kulshekhar Kumar
Designation                   Corporate General Manager
Email ID                   Kulshekhar@sjlogistics.net
Name                         Mr. Bikki Gupta
Designation                         Corporate Deputy General manager
Email ID                         Bikki@sjlogistics.net
Name                       Mr. Madhur Arora
Designation                       Corporate Cross Trade Manager
Email ID                       Madhur@sjlogistics.net

Finance & Accounts

Name                       Mr. Ranjan Gupta
Designation                       Corporate Finance Manager
Email ID                       ranjan@sjlogistics.net
Name                       Mr. Sanjeev Capoor
Designation                       Vice President - North India
Email ID                       sanjeev@sjlogistics.net

Support Team

Name                             Mr. Nishant Nair
Designation                             General Manager (Overseas operations)
Email ID                             nishant@sjlogistics.net
Name                       Mr. Ajay Gaikwad
Designation                       Sr. Marketing Manager
Email ID                       Ajay@sjlogistics.net
Name                       Ms. Neeta Mhatre
Designation                       Sr. Accounts Manager
Email ID                       neeta@sjlogistics.net
Name                          Mr. Sandip Jare
Designation                          EDP
Email ID                          sandip.it@sjlogistics.net

Open Positions

Booking Desk / Executive

Requirement : The Candidate must be aware about basics of Shipping / Freight forwarding. He/She must be aware, how to put a booking with various shipping lines via websites or from any other online logistics portal.

Accounts Executive

Requirements: He/she must have a basic knowledge of Tally ERP 9 & the Candidate must be Graduate in Commerce.

If interested, please mail your Resumes at hr@sjlogistics.net. Upon reception of resume, our HR Desk will contact you as soon as possible.